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Latest & Genuine Technologies

ActCAD is based on latest IntelliCAD 8.4 engine. Technology trusted by over 800,000 users across the globe since 1999.

Native DWG & DXF Files

ActCAD support native dwg & dxf file formats from R2 to latest 2018 versions. No file conversion needed and hence no data loss.

No Learning Needed

ActCAD has very similar interface, commands, icons, shortcuts, menus and aliases like other popular CAD softwares. No special learning needed.

Permanent Licenses

ActCAD licenses are perpetual and valid for life-time. Licenses are globally valid. Upgrade is optional, decide yourself when you want to upgrade.

Value for Money

ActCAD is available at just a fraction of cost compared to other Professional grade software. No hassle of yearly subscriptions.

Free Technical Support

We offer free & prompt Technical Support through e-mail and over internet. Our support is free for life-time.

Many Features & Express Menu

ActCAD has many add-on features, commands, express menu on top of core IntelliCAD like PDF to DXF Converter, Image to DXF Converter, Units Converter etc.

In-built Block Library

ActCAD comes with over 5000 standard Block Sambols in various domains like Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Architectural, Structural etc. You can add your own symbols too.

API Tools for Customization

ActCAD support complete customization using programming languages LISP, DCL, VB.NET, SDS, IRX etc.

Self-License Transfer

ActCAD offers unlimited license transfers between computers. Simply type the command License Transfer. No need to uninstall or reinstall the software.

ActCAD 2018 Video

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New Global Clients (24-Jan-2019)

  • TS - mgr inz. Maciej Stolarczyk
  • Bhavya Cements Limited
  • M SAN Nekretnine D.o.o.
  • Premjer Stilinović D.o.o.
  • Thomas E Schorner
  • Maciej Stolarczyk
  • Riddhi Consulting Engineers
  • Mark Gillis
  • Wong Kiet
  • AGS Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Meja D.o.o.
  • OTF Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Digi Express
  • Charles A. Carlson
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What's new in ActCAD 2018?

Latest IntelliCAD 8.4 & Teigha 4.2
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Improved Entity Snap Performance
Enhanced Redraw Performance
New Custom/Drawing Properties Dialog
Improved display performance on 4K monitors
New Burst & Text Explode Commands
Quick Leader & Multi-leader Commands
Introduced Multi-line Styles
New Hatch Patterns & Line Types
Added eTransmit Feature
Added Drawing Tabs Option
Added File Search Option in File Open
Improved Creating & Editing Blocks
Improved ZOOM and PAN performance
latest actcad intellicad news

Latest Updates

  • We are proud to add Estonia as 51st Country in our client base list. Thank you for your Trust on ActCAD products. Date : 24-Jan-2019
  • Fixed the issue of hovering over entities adds them to the previous Selection Set in ActCAD 2019 Professional. Date : 23-Jan-2019
  • Updated ODA dwg libraries to version 4793 in ActCAD 2019 Professional. Date : 23-Jan-2019
  • Fixed the slow operation issue of Block Explorer in a specific drawing in ActCAD 2019 Professional Date : 21-Jan-2019


ActCAD is a professional grade 2D Drafting & 3D Modeling CAD software based on latest IntelliCAD 8.4 technology. ActCAD is a general purpose CAD software suitable for Architects, Mechanical Designers, Electrical Designers, Structural Designers, Civil Consultants and other technical professionals. ActCAD comes with life-time licenses and are cost-effective.

ActCAD offers free technical support to all its customers without the need of any support packs. We provide prompt responses over email for any technical/general queries normally within same day. No need to pay any yearly subscriptions as our licenses are permanent. Upgrade to future versions is just optional and you can upgrade at any time in future.

ActCAD works natively with industry popular DWG & DXF file formats (R2 to 2018 dwg & dxf versions supported). There is no need of any file conversions. ActCAD comes with a very familiar interface, commands, shortcuts, aliases, icons etc. to allow user comfort in operating the software and easy migration from other software. There is no need of any special learning.

ActCAD has fully automated Quality Assurance systems which run over 20 million tests each day. Any issues noticed, will be rectified in quick time frame and add the fixes to a patch. Hence you will notice many improvement patches and intermediate releases in ActCAD so frequently compared to other software. User can simply use CHECKFORUPDATES to get latest version automatically.


I have been very impressed with ACTCAD and will of course recommend it to my friends and colleagues!

Dr Alexander Carnes, United Kingdom


Many thanks! I am very happy to hear the new improvements 2017! Even now ActCAD 2016 works very fine!

Miroslav Marekovic, Austria


Thank you for your help! It is very nice to have a good program to produce drawings that is not too expensive!

Christopher Nagy, USA


I want a third license of ActCAD Standard. I want to know if you can gave a discount. Also I want to know if the upgrade for version 2018 is available like you said in the previous email for all my licenses. Thanks.

Alejandro Marrero, Puerto Rico


Programs seems solid so far. I purchased one license to start just waiting on you guys to send it.

Jay Espelien, USA