ActCAD Software

ActCAD is a cost-effective 2D drafting and 3D Modeling CAD software which supports industry popular dwg & dxf file formats. The technology behind ActCAD is IntelliCAD 10.1a engine which provides best performance in both 32bit and 64bit operating systems.

ActCAD 2022 Professional is based on latest IntelliCAD 10.1a engine. There are many new features like Ribbon GUI, Select Similar, multi-core support, point cloud import, workspaces, improved speed & performance etc.

ActCAD has fully automated Quality Assurance systems which run over 20 million tests each day. Any issues noticed, will be rectified in quick time frame and add the fixes to a patch. Hence you will notice many improvement patches and intermediate releases in ActCAD so frequently compared to other software. User can simply use CHECKFORUPDATES to get latest version automatically.
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Top Reasons To Choose ActCAD

Perpetual License
ActCAD license is perpetual and valid for life-time. No need of annual fee
No Learning Curve
Interface & commands of ActCAD are very similar like popular CAD.
Native DWG & DXF
No need to convert files. ActCAD supports all dwg & dxf formats
High Compatibility
ActCAD's original format DWG ensures complete compatibility with AutoCADĀ®
In-Built Image To DXF
Convert your old paper drawings or other images to vector drawings
In-Built Block Library
ActCAD comes with a Block Library manager with over 20000 blocks
Advanced Features
ActCAD offers professionals a large number of advanced features and exclusive tools.
ActCAD 2022 comes with in-built PDF to DWG/DXF converte


ActCAD 2022 Prime India Full Version 15 day Trial is avaialble for download without any limitations. Try, believe and take a purchase decision.

ActCAD CAD Software

What's new in ActCAD 2022?

IntelliCAD 10.1a Engine & ODA 21.11 Libraries
Dynamic view transitions
Associate Arrays
Support for 2022 dwg & dxf files
Support for 3D Connexion Space Mouse
All new Geo Location Module
All new Table Features
Create and Support Sheet Sets
Advanced Grips for Blocks and Groups
Insert and Edit Dynamic Blocks
Additional options during PDF import
Improved Licensing Technologies
Improved Block Attributes
Many new commands and features
Import of map files (.shp, .sdf, .sqlite files)

Top Reasons to Choose ActCAD CAD Software

  •  Very Affordable Price
  •  Familiar interface, commands & Icons
  •  Email Technical Support is free of charge
  •  Access Tutorial Videos from within the software
  •  True power of 64bit & Multi-threading
  •  Offers full functionality for 2D & 3D CAD
  •  ActCAD Convertor: Batch Auditing & File Conversions
  •  Native DWG & DXF Support : All Versions
  •  ActCAD offers Perpetual License
  •  Simple Self-Help Module to address most of the common queries
  •  Block Library : Over 5000 Blocks included, add your own too.
  •  Many addon tools, features and commands
  •  Convert PDF to DWG/DXF Files from within the Software
  •  Many File Formats : DWG, DXF, DGN, DWF, SVG, PDF, OBJ, Images etc.