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About ActCAD Software

ActCAD is a native DWG & DXF Software under which it offers three specific types of CAD Software namely – ActCAD Standard for 2D Drafting Power Users, ActCAD Professional for 2D Drafting and 3D Modeling and ActCAD BIM (Building Information Modeling) which has all the features of ActCAD Professional along with BIM features. It is one Software for many applications covering the primary domains of – Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) including Structural, Electrical, and Mechanical. Besides, ActCAD also offers other solutions like ActCAD Nesting, ActCAD Dials & Scales and ActCAD CNC Post Processor.

ActCAD uses the latest IntelliCAD 10.1 Engine, Open Design Alliance, dwg/dxf Libraries, ACIS 3D Modeling Kernel, and many other Technologies which ensures file support right from the early R2.5 to the latest 2022 Version of dwg/dxf. It also supports other file formats like .dgn, .step/.stp, .iges/.igs, .stl, .obj, 2D PDF, 3D PDF, .svg, .dae, etc. The interface and commands are designed in a manner that are familiar and easy for migration from any CAD Software.

Best Reasons to choose ActCAD

  •  High Speed and Performance
  •  Globally valid Perpetual Licenses
  •  Easy to use; free Video Tutorials
  •  Advanced features and commands
  •  Materials, Lighting and Rending
  •  PDF to DXF Converter
  •  Image to DXF Converter
  •  ActCAD Convertor: Batch Auditing & File Conversions
  •  Multiple License Types
  •  Self-Help Module to get instant solutions
  •  Block Library of over 5000 Blocks
  •  Free and prompt Technical Support
  •  Many add-on tools, features and commands

ActCAD 2022 Video (Based on IntelliCAD 10.1)

ActCAD 2022 Highlights

Economical & Perpetual

ActCAD licenses are perpetual and available at very low global prices. Upgrade to future version is optional and there is no time limit.

Many Add-on Features

Apart from regular 2D & 3D commands, ActCAD comes with many add-on tools like PDF to DXF Converter, LH Sections, Block Library and many more.

Flexible License Types

ActCAD offers Key Based License, Network Floating License, USB Dongle License, Internet Live License, OEM License, Corporate License

Free Technical Support

ActCAD offers free email Technical Support on all its products. Self-help module, Video tutorials, user manuals, etc. available at no extra cost.

Self License Transfer

ActCAD License can be shifted between computers unlimited times over the internet. There is no limit on the number of transfers. One-click Key release.

API Customization

API kit is available free with all ActCAD products. We support LISP, DCL, SDS, Object IRX, .Net programming languages. Samples & Help available.

File Converters

ActCAD comes with PDF to DXF Converter, Image to DXF Converter, DWG/DXF/DGN Converter, etc. A high-resolution vector PDF printer is in-built.

Block Library

ActCAD Block Library has over 5000 symbols in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Structural domains, etc. Add your own symbols also to Library.

Easy Learning Curve

ActCAD is very easy to learn and use. It has a well designed & attractive user interface with tooltips and detailed help. Both Ribbon & Classic UI available.

ActCAD Latest Updates

  • WINGS Technology
  • Sheri Larson
  • Dave Kubow
  • Vertical Performance Structures Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pro-Weld Fuh Lucyna Budna
  • Atvi Technologies India Pvt. Ltd
  • Πουλάκης Νικόλαος
  • Norvim Mallari
  • Hyco Drive Co.
  • Datacom Systems
  • Merlin D. Boll
  • Timothy E Lee
  • RVE Technoprint Pvt. Ltd.
  • END POINT D.o.o.
  • HEP ODS D.o.o., Elektroistra Pula
  • EMIS E.E.
  • N N Control
  • Christopher Guilford
  • Russ Green
  • Glad to reach the shores of Barbados, the 89th Country, with ActCAD Global Mapping..!! Thanks Glenroy Carmichael for your trust with the Software. (Dt.: 23-Nov-2021)

  • El Salvador (literally “The Saviour”) becomes the 88th Country in ActCAD Client List. Thank You SBA Torres El Salvador S.A. for your trust and ushering us to your Historic and Beautiful Country!!! (Dt.: 28-Oct-2021)

  • HINDALCO India, World’s Largest Aluminum Rolling Company & the biggest producer of primary Aluminum in Asia chooses ActCAD Software. A gratifying moment indeed ..!! (Dt.: 28-Oct-2021)

  • Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, a Premier Institute for Research Study & Remote Sensing chooses ActCAD. Thank You IIRS !! (Dt.: 23-Oct-2021)

  • RRCAT–Indore, R & D Centre in Non-Nuclear Research (Dept. of Atomic Research, India) selects ActCAD. Thanks RRCAT for the Credence (Dt.: 23-Oct-2021)

What's New in ActCAD 2022?

  Support for 2022 dwg & dxf files
  High Speed and Performance
  IntelliCAD 10.1 Engine & ODA 21.11 Libraries
  Associate Arrays
  All new Table Features
  Support for Shape Files
  DimBreak Command
  Support for 3D Connexion Space Mouse
  Dynamic view transitions
  All new Geo Location Module
  One click program defaults restore
  Create and Support Sheet Sets
  Advanced Grips for Blocks and Groups
  Insert and Edit Dynamic Blocks
  Several improvements to User Interface
  Layer Previous Command
  Several improvements to Features and Performance
  Additional options during PDF import
  Improved API
  Simplified Trial Process
  Support for Autodesk® Revit® 2021 files
  Improved Licensing Technologies
  Improved Block Attributes
  Many new commands and features
  Import of map files (.shp, .sdf, .sqlite files)

ActCAD 2022 Professional image

ActCAD Testimonials


Add-on Features of ActCAD

  • Open PDF and edit natively in ActCAD
  • Image to DXF Converter
  • Block Library with over 5000 Symbols
  • Import PSD Point Cloud Data (Binary & ASCII)
  • ActCAD DWG - DXF - DGN Converter
  • Drawings Auditor in Batch Mode
  • Extract Block Attributes to Excel
  • LH Sections Drawing Creation
  • Units Converter

New Features in ActCAD

  • Latest IntelliCAD 10.1 Engine
  • Native support of 2022 DWG & DXF Files
  • All new PDF to DXF Converter
  • Introducing Tool Palettes
  • Sysvar Manager directly inside ActCAD
  • Attach Digital Signature to DWG file & Validate it
  • Battman & Enhanced Block Attributes
  • Numbered Markers
  • Import .pcd Point Cloud Data (both ASCII & Binary)
  • Total Length & Total Area

ActCAD Software Reviews

actcad software reviews