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ActCAD is complex 2D Drafting and 3D Modeling CAD Software using latest technologies from IntelliCAD framework, Open Design Alliance Tiegha Libraries and 3D Spatial ACIS modeling Kernel. This software is a combination several internal and external programs and references to various libraries. It also utilizes services of other technologies like Microsoft .Net Framework, OpenGL libraries, VC++ libraries and many more.

The software undergoes regular modifications, improvements and introduction of new functionalities. Any small change in our programs can cause a failure of some other functionality. To manually keep track of all these failures and corresponding tests is very difficult. In collaboration with IntelliCAD, ActCAD has a sophisticated and automated testing processes. Our codes undergo millions of regression tests each day and our QA team closely monitor any failures. We normally keep our failure rate at just below 0.1%.

ActCAD IntelliCAD Quality Dashboard

ActCAD [IntelliCAD] Quality Dashboard to monitor the Tests


ActCAD IntelliCAD Regression Tests

ActCAD [IntelliCAD] Daily Regression Test Reports

We create multiple installable builds very frequently, perform millions of automated regression tests and report results on our QA Dashboard. These reports are very handy to understand the issues and accordingly release patch or major releases.

Our test framework takes care of unit tests, regression tests, API tests, roundtrip tests, visual comparison tests, and performance tests all use similar verifications and report to a common QA Dashboard.

In addition, each production release build will be manually tested as per our custom Quality Checklists and install the software on some target test computers to ensure quality.

All our automated test and build systems reduce lot of manual effort and reduce our overall software development costs.

If we find any new bugs or reported by our users or partners, we have a separate Bug Tracking system to resolve these bugs in a reasonable time frame.